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3rd Grade

3rd Grade

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Curriculum Highlights

  • The steps of the writing process are developed through essays intended to persuade, inform, and entertain in several subject areas. Grade level grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and sentence mechanics are incorporated within these authentic writing assignments. While students continue to develop their cursive writing skills, they are also introduced to basic keyboarding. Basic keyboarding skills will be helpful with the increased use of laptops for writing and research in third grade.
  • Across the curriculum, students read with grade level fluency and comprehension for all subject areas. A transition from “learn to read” to “read to learn” is evident in third grade students. Students begin to incorporate novels and informational texts of their choice for class assignments and monthly book reports.
  • Students continue to develop math skills including multiplication, division, place value through millions, geometry, fractions, and problem solving strategies connected to real life scenarios.
  • Along with weekly current news topics, students learn about and conduct research in small groups on science and social studies concepts including:  economics, analysis of historical events, in-depth knowledge on citizenship, energy and forces, changes in matter, Earth and its place in the solar system, and comparison between rocks and minerals.

3rd Grade Curriculum