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Monday to Friday




Kindergarten through 8th grade Spanish classes at St. Joseph School are taught in a language immersion environment, meaning the second language is the main form of communication in the classroom. The approach is the quickest and easiest approach, the process a young child goes through in learning their parents’ language(s): listen, absorb, and speak. The students’ ears become accustomed to the new language. The eyes are trained to see the rich culture around us and throughout the world. The mouth is able to communicate. And, the mind is confident in Spanish. Instruction, playing games, singing, role playing and practicing the target language leads to natural and successful proficiency and the students are excited to learn more. Kindergarten through 7th grade have Spanish classes once a week and 8th graders have world language twice a week.


Students will be able to say prayers in Spanish, identify and appreciate Spanish influences in our world, communicate in the target language in specific situations, and understand the benefits of learning a second language. Students are graded on their participation, class work, homework, projects, and tests.