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At St. Joseph School, technology is integrated into all aspects of our curriculum as we aim to provide our students with the productivity tools needed to facilitate digital learning. Our teachers utilize varied instructional techniques to create enhanced learning opportunities for our students. Through the use of various devices and web-based programs in the classroom, Computer Lab, and Learning Resource Center, our students receive instruction and participate in  more create, productive lessons.

Benefits of integrating technology into our curriculum for all K-8 students include: 

  • Increased engagement in instructional materials
  • Ability to share and collaborate with other students
  • Opportunities to perform creative and interactive exercises
  • Online communication and grading system allows parents to view their student’s homework and progress in real time
  • Clever SSO Platform utilized to ease login activities: students and parents log in once to Clever, and all other downstream resources are automatically logged in for them
  • Interactive Promethean Panels, Web Cams, and Document Cameras in every classroom facilitates on-premisis and at-home learning

Grade-level Advanced Technology Approach:
Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

  • 1:1 Take-Home Tablet Program with web-based programs in the classroom
  • Instruction on various engaging web-based activities designed to develop computer and typing skills
  • SeeSaw Learning platform enables students and parents to quickly find assignments

 3rd through 5th Grade

  • Utilization of technology to integrate skills and curriculum across all subjects
  • Work with document cameras to display worksheets, textbook pages, three-dimensional objects, and more
  • Learn to perform literacy and math exercises, graphing and other applications on classroom computing devices on 1:1 Take-Home Chromebooks
  • Students are introduced to Google Classroom and Google Suite which will carry them through High School

6th through 8th Grade

  • 1:1 Take-Home Chromebooks
  • Fosters student-led instruction, presentations, and collaboration through online productivity tools
  • Use of Google Classroom enables students and parents to conveniently access syllabus, assignments, and calendars – anywhere, anytime
  • Online resources provide parents with the ability to track progress and improvements
  • Computer-based examinations provide quicker turnaround on performance and development
  • Access to on-line resources for classroom research and other web-based applications
  • Electronic textbooks (for some subjects) allowing portability and ease in navigation

Computer Lab facilitates full class 1:1 computer access 

All K-8 students receive instruction on:

  • Interactive Promethean Board to display lessons and student presentations
  • Computer components and keyboarding skills
  • Digital citizenship skills appropriate to each grade level
  • Navigation of on-line educational games and resources
  • Working in Google Classroom and Google Suite

K-4 receive introduction to coding activities; Grades 5-8 receive instruction on computer coding skills

Students learn how to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations appropriate to each grade level. In addition, our students learn how to use video recording devices and digital cameras for incorporating into projects and presentations.

Learning Resource Center (LRC)
teaches students how to search websites for use in research projects and report writing. The LRC also includes an LCD projector for presentations made to students, faculty and parent groups.

Additional technology facts:

  • Students may use the Computer Lab and LRC before and after school to work on reports and presentations.
  • All computers and servers are installed with filters to protect students from accessing objectionable content. St. Joseph School is fully compliant with Children Internet Protection Act and Child Online Protection Act regulations. We are one of only three schools in the Diocese of Joliet to use a new, powerful web filter featuring a parent portal – allowing parents to check their student’s searches and internet usage in real time.
  • St. Joseph School students and parents sign an Acceptable Use Agreement form which governs students’ conduct with regards to school equipment, the school network and the Internet.